This step-by-step guide explains how an institutional administrator on Sage Journals can view the entitlements for their institution:

Step 1: Log in to your Sage Journals account

Please note, not all profiles have administrative privileges assigned to them. If your profile isn't set up for administrative access to your institution, but it should be, please contact For more information, please see How do I add an administrator?

Step 2: Go to the 'Access entitlements' landing page

  • Select the Access/Profile in the top right corner of the screen
  • Select View profile from the Access Options pop-up page
  • Under the Institutional profile heading at bottom left, select Access entitlements from the left-hand menu

Step 3: View your access entitlements

  • The Access entitlements page displays the institution's subscriptions with content ranges
  • To pull up metadata for particular titles, search the journal title in the Search for Publication title field

Contact Information

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