Is EZproxy supported?

Yes, EZproxy is supported and can be used to access Sage Journals.

What do we need to do to start working with EZproxy?

To start working with EZproxy:

  1. Please provide the proxy IP address to Sage Journals by contacting
  2. Add the Sage Journals stanza to the EZproxy config.txt file. The latest stanza can be found at
  3. Once the EZproxy config.txt file has been updated with the stanza, please restart the EZproxy server

For information on editing the config.txt file, please go to to

Please could you add our proxy prefix to article DOIs?

Proxy prefix settings are maintained by the customer, and cannot be edited by Sage Journals.

Our proxy IP address has changed, how do we update it on our Sage Journals account?

Please contact with any changes to the proxy IP address.

Where do we find the latest stanza for Sage Journals?

For the latest stanza, please go to