To run a COUNTER 5 report: 

  1. Log in as account administrator at
  2. Select the Access/Profile
  3. Select the View profile
  4. Select Institutional profile > Usage Reports from the left-hand menu to display the Usage Reports page.
  5. On the Usage Reports page, select the Go to Atypon Insights button from the COUNTER5 tab. This opens Atypon Insights in a new browser tab. 
  6. On the Atypon Insights COUNTER 5 report page, enter the following parameters:
    • Institution (only required if multiple institutions are available)
    • Format 
      • TSV 
      • JSON
    • Time Period 
      • Last Month
      • This Year
      • Last Year
      • Custom - select a From and To date using the calendar pop-up. Please note that it is not possible to run a partial month report. Data for a previous month should be available from the second day of the following month.  
  7. Select a report type. Please see the COUNTER 5 Code of Practice for information on the different COUNTER 5 standard reports. 
  8. Enter any further report parameters required for the selected report.
  9. The report can then be downloaded directly or emailed: 
    • Select the Generate button to run and download the report to the browser
    • Select the Email button to display a pop-up page. Enter an email address and select OK to generate and email the report.