Can I make changes to my published article?

For detailed information on making changes to an article post-publication, please see Sage's corrections and retractions policy. To change your name, please see our Name change policy to contact our production team.

If your article is currently in production and may require a correction, please contact the journal editor and the production editor immediately. 

If you are seeking to update your affiliation, per scenario: 

  • If your paper is in production, please contact the journal editor and the production editor to request a manuscript note detailing your new affiliation. Manuscript notes appear with the author's contact information.
  • If your paper is published, including OnlineFirst, please note it is Sage's policy not to update outdated affiliations or changes to email addresses. Please see our exception for name changes

We encourage authors to register with ORCID; please see our resources. ORCID profiles allow for a history of affiliations and feature a search and link service to aid in adding to your record.

Contact Information

If you are still uncertain about whether you can make a change to your published article, please contact the Journal Editor or Publishing Editor. This contact information can be found in the Manuscript Submission Guidelines. To find this, visit the Sage Journals platform, search for the journal title, and go to the submission guidelines tab. The contact address can be found in the last section of these guidelines.