To download MARC records:

  1. Log in as account administrator at,
  2. Click the Library Admin icon on the left-hand menu.
  3. To download MARC records specific to account content, please select the Purchased Content checkbox. 

On the Library Admin page, administrators can:

  • Download MARC Records for a particular collection links to collections are displayed under the Purchased Content filter. Select a link to download a .MRC file for that particular collection. 
  • Download MARC records by ISBN. If no records are found, please check that the ISBN is correct and that the title has been published.
  • Download the latest updates to MARC records - .MRC files can be downloaded via links ordered by product title and date. Please note that MARC records are updated quarterly, and a title may be published before the MARC record is available.  
  • Please note that the MARC records include the OCLC numbers.