Before making a claim, please check the publication schedule by visiting sagepub.com and selecting your subscribed journal. If the issue has been released, please allow for delivery before submitting a missing issue claim. Standard delivery time for customers in Europe and the Americas is 4-6 weeks, and 6-8 weeks for customers in Asia, Australia and Africa.

To receive email notification of when your subscription issue has been published, click here to register an account with us, where you can add specific journal alerts to your account.

How do I report missing articles and/or issues?

Replacement copies of missing issues can only be sent if we receive a claim within six months of the date of publication. To submit a missing issue claim, please submit a ticket to our customer service team and include the following:

  • Journal title 
  • Name
  • Full address
  • Payment details.

The approval of your claim is subjected to a maximum of 2 replacement copies. If your claim falls within our claims policy, we will issue a replacement copy free of charge.