To create a Token URL on Literatum: 

1. Log in to 

2. Find customer’s account 

3. Open the account and look for User Code. If not populated, make sure to populate it by copying the account’s Description into the User Code field and click on update. 

4. Next, go to Access Tokens inside the Administration tab. Once open, click on Token and then click on Change beside the Token Domain button. It should look like this: 


5. Now enter the account number of the customer in the Customer Number field. Click on Search and select the result. Change the “Activation Limit” to zero, as it will extend the limit to infinite. Finally, click on Create

6. Your Activation URL has been created, which you can share with the customer. But it still needs to be linked to the customer’s access account.  

7. To complete the linking, go to Groups and click on Add at the bottom of the page. 

8. Go to Institution tab, enter the customer number and click on Search

9. Finally, select the search result and click on Add

The token URL has been created and linked to the customer’s account on the platform.

Attached are the Token URL activation steps which need to be shared with the customer.