If we have a request to merge two registrant accounts into one, then please confirm from the customer which account they would like to keep as the winning account.

To show the example I have created two test accounts on Literatum with the below email addresses.

I need to merge the above two registrant accounts and set the winning account as the one with the email address 1000125125@sagepub.com


Then follow the below steps:


Go to the web admin tool and pull any of the account using the email address as shown in the below image. Go to Administration-Identities-Person User and then hit enter after populating the email address field.

Once the account is pulled up then scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the option of merge as shown in the below image.

Once you click on merge, you will see the option to add the person as shown in the below image.

Click on Add Person and then you will see the option to add the other account. 

[Please note you can add a registrant account and also an individual account from A2R. This means -1) You can merge two registrant accounts and 2) You can merge one registrant with the individual A2R account] By individual A2R account I mean the individual account which has fed over to Literatum from A2R.  

If you have to merge the registrant account then enter the email address on the other account as shown in the below image. If you have to merge to the individual A2R account then enter the A2R account number.

Check the box and then click Add as shown in the below image.

You will then see the option to merge the accounts and keep the details as the customer has requested. Please refer to the below image.

After hitting the Merge button, accounts will be merged.