We are partnered with Avalara to ensure Sage Publications and Corwin comply with state and local sales tax laws. To qualify for tax exemption, a valid tax exemption certificate must be on file in your account. For taxation by location detail, please see our sales tax practices page. 


Online Ordering 

Your first online order will be taxed as we are unable to process tax exemption certificates during purchase. If you are tax-exempt, contact Customer Service at info@sagepub.com and provide your tax exemption certificate. We will facilitate a refund of the charged tax if needed. When validated, your tax exemption certificate will be added to your account. Future online orders may display taxes at checkout, but tax charges will not be billed to your account.        

Purchase Orders and Phone Orders 

To avoid sales tax charges, provide your tax-exempt status when ordering. If you are unable to provide a copy of your tax exemption certificate at the time of order, you will receive an email from notifications@avalara.com requesting one. If we do not receive a copy within 14 days, you may be charged tax on purchases with Sage Publishing and Corwin.  

If you have questions regarding your taxation exemption requirements, consult your local tax advisor for help. We cannot provide tax advice.    

Please note: If you plan to ship to multiple interstate locations, Sage requires a tax exemption certificate for each unique state or territory in which you plan to ship. Please supply any needed exemption certificates along with your primary Sales Tax Exemption certificate.