Sage has several venues for journal authors to promote their work:  

  • Sage Perspectives Blog: Topical and impactful posts written by both Sage staff and authors that discuss research, guidance, and tips, and publishing industry-related issues
  • Social Science Space: An online network for social scientists that features blog posts by key players, forums for discussion, a resource center with free videos, reports, and slides, and funding/job opportunity notices
  • Methodspace: A place for researchers (students and professors) to network and share research, resources, and debates. Users have free access to selected articles, book chapters, and more that highlight emerging topics in the field


If you are interested in proposing a blog post or contributing content, please visit these resources:

  • Submit your proposal to the Sage Perspectives Blog.
  • Get involved with our Social Science Space.
  • Create your own page in Methodspace. 

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