The Subscription Renewals portal serves as a convenient online platform created for the purpose of submitting your journal renewal payments. If you have a valid email address on record with Sage you will be sent an invitation to register on the portal enabling you to seamlessly carry out your subscription renewals.

How does the portal work?


1. When your subscriptions are due to expire, you will receive an email containing a registration link to our online renewal portal.  To update the email address, shipping address for any order, or portal password please click here to contact customer services.  


2. Once you have successfully registered you will be directed to our portal where you can view all the journals for which you are the bill payer and that are currently eligible for renewal.


3. Select all the subscriptions you wish to renew and proceed to the checkout. You can include multiple orders within the one transaction.


4. Choose your preferred payment method from the available options: credit card, bank transfer, or cheque.


5. Once we receive your payment, a receipt will be automatically be sent directly to your email address.

The renewal process is now complete, and your account will be up to date.

Note: for optimal performance please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when accessing the portal. If you are currently using a different browser, we advise switching to one of these search engines specified.