1. Log in to Web Admin Tool at https://journals.sagepub.com/webadmin and find the customer’s account

2. Open the InstitutionUser identity type

3. Copy all data that has been added directly on the account, which isn’t feeding from A2R. This can include:

  1. Banner image
  2. OpenURL and the button image
  3. Shibboleth/ OpenAthens information
  4. Token URL
  5. Referrer URL
  6. Administrator email addresses
  7. Affiliated Users

4. Once you have copied and stored all the above information elsewhere, scroll down to the bottom of the Institution User page within this identity. Click on Delete. A prompt will ask you to confirm the action. Click on Yes.


5. The InstitutionUser identity will be deleted.


6. Once the feed runs from A2R, it should recreate this account on WAT. After the account is restored, add all the information you had copied earlier (see point 3).


Important Note: Deleting an institution’s account from WAT also removes their usage data from Atypon Insights, even if the recreated identity is the same as before. As a result, Atypon Insight will only store usage stats after the recreation date. Everything before that will not be accessible by the customer or OTS team (unless you use Cognos). This data, however, should still be available via the SAGE reporting systems.