As a Course Assigner, you have access to a range of reporting on your cohorts including progress on each course by learner, average course progress, the number of learners enrolled in a course, the last time a learner was active, and each individual learner's progress by course module.

To access this reporting, follow the below instructions:

To view and download a cohort report select "View cohort report" under the relevant cohort on your dashboard:

You can download this report as an Excel file by clicking "EXCEL DOWNLOAD".

The report also allows you to click on an individual learner and view their progress on the course by module. To do this, select the name of the learner in the relevant course tab:

If you would like to see a learner's progress on all courses assigned to them, please follow the below instructions.

1.  Select "Manage cohorts" on your dashboard:

2. Select the number of enrolled learners for the relevant cohort:

3. You will then be able to see a list of learners in the cohort and their average progress. Select the name of the learner:

4. This page displays the each course the learner is enrolled in and their progress: