Catalyst titles use the VitalSource E-Reader. VitalSource has a long-standing commitment to meet the needs of learners of all ability levels. For nearly two decades, they have worked to ensure their products are designed from the beginning with accessibility in mind.  

With the recent release of content controls* in the Bookshelf online, mobile, and desktop apps, readers can now: 

  • Choose from four different text sizes 
  • Select from various fonts available, including OpenDyslexic 
  • Easily alter the colour of their screen by selecting night mode 
  • Choose from three different margin sizes 
  • Pick from three line-height options 

Reading Options 

  • PDF and EPUB files can be read in Bookshelf 
  • Both file types can be read with a screen reader such as, but not limited to, JAWS and NVDA 
  • Readers can resize text using our content controls located at the bottom of the screen or change the zoom percentage of the entire page 
  • Readers can select from various fonts available, including OpenDyslexic 
  • We support VoiceOver and TalkBack screen readers for iOS and Android, respectively 

Screen Readers 
Bookshelf is compatible with: 

  • JAWS 
  • NVDA 
  • SuperNova 
  • And more 

Read Aloud 

  • Bookshelf Online and the native apps have a built-in text-to-speech function 
  • Rewind, play, pause, and fast-forward 
  • The text being read is highlighted on the page 
  • Both PDF and EPUB file formats can be read 

You can read more about VitalSource’s accessibility commitment here  

In September 2019, VitalSource was awarded the DAISY Consortium Award for Accessibility in Publishing. In July 2020, they were ranked as one of the top publishing platforms by ASPIRE with an incredible score of 100%.