KBART stands for "Knowledge Bases and Related Tools," and a KBART file is a title list in a NISO-recommended format (aka KBART format). You can read more about KBART on the NISO website. Sage provides holdings-level KBART files for customers in SecureCenter and Sage Journals and sends collection-level KBARTs to Discovery Service Providers.

Discovery Service Providers (or DSPs) provide libraries with their main search box, giving patrons the power to search a range of content from multiple publishers simultaneously. Sage provides collection-level KBART information to DSPs automatically, so they can make Sage's collections available to libraries. Libraries then configure their discovery service systems to include Sage's resources as a part of their "one-stop-shop" search option.   

When will new Sage packages become available with Discovery providers?

Sage sends KBARTs to our Discover Service Provider partners every Thursday via FTP upload. This includes new packages and updates to existing packages. 

Why isn't my package available for selection?

DSPs may put our data through additional processes that delay their availability in your discovery system. If you find this to be the case, please raise a ticket with your DSP and share the case number with our online support team.

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