In July 2022 Sage clarified its policy for when an article is subject to both Open Access and Pay to Publish charges. As Open Access and Pay to Publish charges cover different costs, both charges are applicable. For more information on this policy, please refer to our Page and Publication Charges | SAGE Publications Inc

Why does my article have both Open Access and Pay to Publish charges?

Due to the above policy, it means that some authors will be subject to both Open Access and Pay to Publish charges. 

Please note, Pay to Publish charges are only applied to subscription journals and so having both charges will only be the case where authors opt-in, or are mandated by their funder/institution, to pay an Open Access fee.

For a list of journals that have Pay to Publish charges, please use Which Sage Journals have Pay to Publish Charges?

For a list of subscription journals that offer Sage Choice (Open Access) and their corresponding APC, please visit the Sage Choice FAQs on our website.

Further information

For more information, view our Sage Perspectives Blog 'What is the difference between APCs and page charges? A guide to potential costs associated with publishing your manuscriptto learn more about the difference between Pay to Publish and Open Access charges. 

For more information on Open Access, please visit our Open Access Knowledge Base.