The author is required to provide their funder details at the time of submission. However, if the author has failed to do so, they are able to change or update these details after acceptance of their article.

Can I change/update my funder details?

  • if your article has been accepted and you did not include the funder details, please contact the journal's Editor for assistance. This contact information can be found in the Manuscript Submission Guidelines. To find this, visit the Sage Journals platform, search for the journal title, and go to the submission guidelines tab. The journal's Editor email address can be found in the last section of these guidelines.  
  • In the event that the article has already reached production with Sage, and the author wishes to make any changes to the Sage Open Access Portal, they can directly reach out to the Open Access Customer Services team at  Please include Manuscript ID, DOI, article title and the funder name and ID. Our team will promptly respond to the author's request and provide guidance on how to proceed with the necessary modifications.   
  • It is important to note that once an invoice has been paid, it cannot be modified or cancelled. Therefore, we kindly advise authors to ensure that any necessary changes are made before settling the invoice to avoid any inconvenience or delay in its processing. 

Contact Information

  • If you have any queries regarding a change in the funder details for your article, please feel free to contact our production team. Kindly note that the production team should only be contacted after your article has been accepted. Please contact production team at
  • If the author needs to make any changes to the Sage Open Access Portal, they can get in touch with the Open Access Customer Services team at