Many Sage Journals are published in partnership with societies or associations, who may then provide access to the journal as a membership benefit. If you would like to learn if a journal is published in partnership with a society or association, please see How do I find if a journal is published by a society or association?

How do I find more information about membership benefits, or how to become a member?

If your selected journal is published by a society or association, simply click on the society or association's logo or name, located below the journal title, and this will link you to the society or association's official website. 

From there, please look for their membership information page, which may be in a menu or page link with labels such as "membership benefits", "become a member" or "join." 

An example of a journal home page where the society name and logo is displayed below the journal title. The examples are the AOSSM society for The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the society's or association's membership benefits, please reach out to the society or association directly. You will find their contact information on their respective websites, under their "Contact Us" pages.

If you have any further queries, please view this article for Society membership contact information.