Many Sage Journals are published in partnership with societies or associations, who may then provide access to the journal as a membership benefit. If you would like to learn if a journal is published in partnership with a society or association, please see How do I find if a journal is published by a society or association? 

How do I access the journal if there is not a society or association listed?

If you do not see a society or association listed by the journal's title, or in the journal information, this may mean that the journal is not officially affiliated with a society or association and it may not have a member access option. 

If the journal requires a subscription to access it, and if your institution subscribes to the journal, please click on the "Access Options" and try your institutional login. Alternatively, contact your institution's librarian for information on how to access your library's Sage Journals.

If you are interested in subscribing to the journal, please click on the "Subscribe" option, under the "Journal Information" menu, for more details and pricing options.

You may also find options on how to purchase temporary access to individual articles by clicking on the "Get Access" option from the journal article page.

Contact Information

If you have a query relating to Society Membership, please use the contact information below: 

  • For queries relating to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or Oceania, please contact
  • For queries relating to Central, North or South America, please contact