During the publication process an article goes through many stages. The current stage an article is at affects how long it takes to be published, for example it can take six to nine weeks for an article to be published after it has been accepted.

What stage is my Open Access article at?

Peer Review

After submission, your article will go through the Peer Review process. For more information on the Peer Review process, please visit our Your Paper and Peer Review page on the Author Gateway.


After acceptance, the article will be exported to Production. This will trigger an email to authors which includes the Production team's contact information for the specific journal. If you have any specific questions about the Production process, please use the contact information in this email. For more information on the Production Process, please visit our Sage Production Process page on the Author Gateway. 

If you cannot find these contact details, please email for any queries related to the Production process. Please include you article ID, title, and journal name.

Open Access process

After an article has entered production, if the article is going to be published in a Gold Open Access journal, if it has been identified as eligible for one of our Open Access agreements, or if you have requested Open Access via Sage Choice, you will receive an email with your article details and a link to the Sage Open Access Portal.

Once this email is received, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Accept the APC (if applicable) / Choose Open Access
  • Sign the Open Access license
  • Nominate a payer (if applicable) 
  • Raise an invoice (if applicable) 
  • Complete APC payment (if applicable)

Email notifications will be sent from the Sage Open Access Portal to the authors and bill payer, if applicable, to notify them of the article progress. If you wish to confirm the stage of your article in the Sage Open Access Portal, please email

Please review the screenshots from the Sage Open Access portal that are attached to gain a better understanding of the different stages.

Stage 1Accept the APC (if applicable) / Choose Open Access

At this stage, the authors receive an email inviting them to go the Sage Open Access Portal to complete the required steps.



Stage 2: Sign the Open Access license

After accepting the APC details or choosing to publish Open Access, the authors are then required to choose and sign their Creative Commons license. After this step, a confirmation email is sent to the authors that include the license details.

Stage 3: Nominate a payer (if applicable)

If there is an APC to pay, the authors will be asked to assign a bill payer, the bill payer will then receive an email to accept this invite. 

Stage 4: Complete APC payment (if applicable)

Once the bill payer has accepted to pay the invoice, or the authors proceed to APC payment, they will be asked to confirm their billing details and raise an invoice. After this, an email notification will be sent confirming that the invoice has been raised.

Stage 5: Complete APC payment (if applicable)

Following the completion of the APC payment and it is received in the Sage Open Access Portal, the bill payer or authors will receive a receipt for their paid invoice. 

Once these steps are complete, the Production team will continue to publish your article. 

For updates on your publication status, please contact the Production Team using the specific contact details in the email or email 

Contact Information

If you require any further assistance in the Sage Open Access Portal, please email

For general author queries, please visit the Author FAQs in our Sage Journals Knowledge Base which contains answers to common questions.