If a customer requests for their order to be cancelled after this has been submitted by their subscription agent, this can be cancelled for a full refund if fulfilment has not yet started against the current term.

If your customer has migrated to a Sage Journals Package Deal after the submission of their traditional subscription orders, then any titles that are considered as Premier Package duplicates will be approved for a full refund regardless of any fulfilment that may have already taken place.

If one or more issues have been fulfilled, then a cancellation will not be possible as per our policies and guidelines. 

The customer still has the option to cancel their subscription but only at the end of the current term, we can arrange this after the despatch of their last issue.

When submitting a cancellation request, please provide the below information:

  • Purchase Order number 
  • Sage End User account number 
  • Journal Title

Contact Information

If you have any further queries, please use the relevant contact information based on your location: 

For Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or Oceania, please email agencytapesuk@sagepub.co.uk

For North, Central or South America, please email agencytapesus@sagepub.com